Kutzing in R. F. Hohenacker

in R. F. Hohenacker,Algae Marinae Exsiccatae9: 426. 1860

Common names: Manatee-grass
Found in FNA Volume 22.
Stems erect, subtended by ovate scales. Leaves 2–3; blade terete or semi-terete, apex acute to obtuse, lacunae 2; veins 1–2[–7–10], midrib inconspicuous, not obviously widened distally, lateral veins inconspicuous, not ending in tooth. Inflorescences cymose. Flowers axillary to bract, inflated sheath present. Staminate flowers: anthers attached at same height on axis. Pistillate flowers sessile, styles divided into 2 long stigmas. Fruits drupaceous, obovoid [ellipsoid], quadrangular in cross section.


Warm oceanic waters of both hemispheres.


Species 2 (1 in the flora).

Facts about "Syringodium"
AuthorRobert R. Haynes +
Common nameManatee-grass +
Referencecox1990a + and tomlinson1978a +
Taxon nameSyringodium +
Taxon parentCymodoceaceae +
Taxon rankgenus +
VolumeVolume 22 +