A. St.-Hilaire

Hist. Pl. Remarq. Brésil3/4: 244. 1825

Common names: False croton
Etymology: For Natalis (Noël) Caperon or Capperon, d. 1572, apothecary of Orleans
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 12. Treatment on page 179. Mentioned on page 157, 159.
Herbs [subshrubs], annual [perennial], monoecious [rarely dioecious]; hairs unbranched, sometimes glandular; latex absent. Leaves alternate, simple; stipules present, persistent; petiole present, glands absent; blade unlobed, margins serrate, laminar glands absent; venation pinnate or weakly palmate at base, pinnate distally, secondary veins straight, closely spaced, and parallel [arched, moderately spaced]. Inflorescences bisexual (pistillate flowers proximal, staminate distal) [unisexual], axillary, spikes or racemes; glands subtending each bract 0. Pedicels present or absent. Staminate flowers: sepals 5, valvate, connate basally; petals 5, distinct, adnate to base of staminal column, white; nectary absent; stamens 10, in 2 whorls, connate basally; pistillode present, at top of staminal column. Pistillate flowers: sepals persistent, often enlarging in fruit, 5–8(–10), connate basally, unequal, small outer lobes often present alternating with larger lobes; petals 5(–6) [often rudimentary], distinct, white; nectary absent; pistil 3-carpellate; styles 3, connate basally [distinct], deeply multifid, branches [9–]12–21 per flower. Fruits capsules, densely muricate. Seeds subglobose; caruncle absent. x = 11.


Distribution values could not be resolved to valid regions

Mexico, West Indies, Central America, South America, Africa, introduced also in Pacific Islands (Guam).


Species 34 (2 in the flora).



Lower Taxa


1 Plants without glandular hairs. Caperonia castaneifolia
1 Plants with coarse gland-tipped hairs (especially abundant on stems and petioles). Caperonia palustris
Facts about "Caperonia"
AuthorLynn J. Gillespie +
AuthorityA. St.-Hilaire +
Common nameFalse croton +
DistributionMexico +, West Indies +, Central America +, South America +, Africa + and introduced also in Pacific Islands (Guam). +
EtymologyFor Natalis (Noël) Caperon or Capperon, d. 1572, apothecary of Orleans +
Illustration copyrightFlora of North America Association +
IllustratorBarbara Alongi +
Introducedtrue +
Publication titleHist. Pl. Remarq. Brésil +
Publication year1825 +
ReferenceNone +
Source xml grained fna xml/V12/V12 506.xml +
Special statusIntroduced +
Taxon familyEuphorbiaceae +
Taxon nameCaperonia +
Taxon parentEuphorbiaceae +
Taxon rankgenus +
VolumeVolume 12 +