Crataegus okanaganensis

J. B. Phipps & O'Kennon

Sida 18: 178, figs. 5, 9d–f. 1998.

Common names: Okanagan hawthorn
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 9. Treatment on page 504. Mentioned on page 505, 506, 507.

Shrubs, often multi-trunked, 30–60 dm. Stems: twigs: new growth sparsely pubescent, 1-year old mid to dark brown; thorns on twigs recurved, deep brown, shiny young, usually stout, 2–4(–5) cm. Leaves: petiole 1–2 cm, sparsely hairy, eglandular or glandular when young; blade glossy especially when young, expanding leaves often reddish, glabrescent, ± ovate to ovate-rhombic or ± oblong, 3.5–6 cm, ± coriaceous, base rounded to cuneate, lobes 0–4 per side (3–4 per side, well defined in ± ovate to ovate-rhombic leaves; 0–3 per side, distinct in apical 1/2 only in ± oblong leaves), lobe apex acute, margins finely, doubly serrate, veins 4 or 5 per side, ± impressed adaxially, apex acute, abaxial surface glabrous, veins hairy, adaxial densely appressed-hairy. Inflorescences 10–20-flowered; branches ± villous, gland-dotted; bracteole margins glandular (glands near base stipitate only in larger bracteoles). Flowers notably cup-shaped young, 12–15 mm diam.; hypanthium villous (at base) or glabrous; sepals narrowly triangular, 4–6 mm, margins finely glandular-serrate, abaxially sparsely hairy; stamens 5 or 10, anthers ivory, rarely very pale pink; styles 2–4. Pomes bright red young (mid late Aug), older usually burgundy to deep purple, sometimes almost black (mid Sep), ovoid and 8 mm diam., or orbicular and 10 mm diam., glabrous or hairy; sepals reflexed, sometimes erect-patent, narrow, 5–7 mm; pyrenes 2–4, sides ± eroded.


Varieties 2 (2 in the flora).

Crataegus okanaganensis is widely distributed and common from the Okanagan valley of southern British Columbia and northern Washington to northern Idaho.

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1 Leaf blades ± ovate to ovate-rhombic, lobes well defined; leaves ± bronze in fall; pomes pendent, ovoid. Crataegus okanaganensis var. okanaganensis
1 Leaf blades ± oblong, lobes absent or short and only in distal 1/2; leaves crimson or pink burgundy in fall; pomes ± erect, orbicular. Crataegus okanaganensis var. wellsii