Adenostoma fasciculatum var. fasciculatum

Treatment appears in FNA Volume 9. Treatment on page 393. Mentioned on page 394.
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Stems erect-ascending, spreading (plants tall); internodes 2.5–7(–13) mm; young stems glabrous, sometimes +/- hirtellous. Leaves oblanceolate to linear, semiterete, (2.5–)5–13 mm (not or slightly expanded distally), apex acute-apiculate. 2n = 18.

Phenology: Flowering (Apr–)May–Jun(–Aug).
Habitat: Dry slopes, ridges, lower chaparral and coastal sage scrub
Elevation: 10–1800(–2100) m


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Calif., Mexico (Baja California).


Variety fasciculatum is a major component of lower chaparral, upper coastal sage scrub from northern, central, and southern cismontane California and northern Baja California.



Lower Taxa

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AuthorWilliam Jones + and James Henrickson +
AuthorityUnknown +
DistributionCalif. + and Mexico (Baja California). +
Elevation10–1800(–2100) m +
HabitatDry slopes, ridges, lower chaparral and coastal sage scrub +
IllustratorMarjorie C. Leggitt +
PhenologyFlowering (Apr–)May–Jun(–Aug). +
Publication titleBot. Beechey Voy., +
Publication year1832 +
ReferenceNone +
Source xml grained fna xml/V9/V9 657.xml +
Special statusSelected by author to be illustrated +
Taxon familyRosaceae +
Taxon nameAdenostoma fasciculatum var. fasciculatum +
Taxon parentAdenostoma fasciculatum +
Taxon rankvariety +
VolumeVolume 9 +