Amaranthus sect. Saueranthus

Mosyakin & K. R. Robertson

Ann. Bot. Fenn. 33: 277. 1996.

Treatment appears in FNA Volume 4. Treatment on page 418.

Plants annual, glabrous, glabrescent, or pubescent. Bracts not enfolding flower, not leaflike, narrowly lanceolate to subulate-linear, margins entire, plane or indistinctly undulate at margins. Pistillate flowers: tepals (4–)5, spatulate or obovate-elliptic, sometimes only outer tepals distinctly spatulate. Utricles dehiscence regularly circumscissile (indehiscent only in Amaranthus greggii).


sw North America.


Species 4 (4 in the flora).

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Sergei L. Mosyakin +  and Kenneth R. Robertson +
Mosyakin & K. R. Robertson +
Undefined subg. Acnida +
sw North America. +
Ann. Bot. Fenn. +
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Amaranthus sect. Saueranthus +
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