Artemisia subg. Drancunculus


Bull. Soc. Imp. Naturalistes Moscou 1: 223. 1829.

Treatment appears in FNA Volume 19. Treatment on page 505. Mentioned on page 504.

Biennials, perennials, or subshrubs (shrubs in A. filifolia); fibrous rooted or taprooted, caudices woody, rhizomes absent. Stems wandlike (new stems may sprout from caudices). Leaves deciduous (persistent in A. aleutica and A. borealis), usually cauline, sometimes basal, not in fascicles. Heads disciform. Receptacles epaleate, glabrous. Florets: peripheral 1–25 pistillate and fertile; central 3–32 functionally staminate (not setting fruits); corollas subglobose.


North America, Eurasia.


Species ca. 80 (8 in the flora).

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1 Plants 5–30(–80+) cm (often cespitose and/or mounded) > 2
1 Plants (10–)50–180 cm (not cespitose) > 5
2 Perennials; leaves 2–3-palmately or -pinnately lobed > 3
2 Perennials or subshrubs; leaves 1–2-pinnately or -ternately lobed > 4
3 Leaves 2-palmately lobed; corollas purplish red; Aleutian Islands Artemisia aleutica
3 Leaves 2–3-pinnately or -ternately lobed; corollas (at least lobes) usually yellow- orange or deep red; n latitudes and w mountains Artemisia borealis
4 Leaves gray-green, lobes 1–2 mm wide; involucres 3–4 × 3–4 mm; corollas yellow, usually red-tinged, glabrous Artemisia pedatifida
4 Leaves silver-green, lobes mostly 2–3 mm wide; involucres 4–5(–7) × 2–3 mm wide; corollas pale yellow, glandular Artemisia porteri
5 Plants tarragon-scented or not aromatic; leaves mostly entire, sometimes (basal) irregularly lobed, faces usually glabrous, sometimes glabrescent (deserts) Artemisia dracunculus
5 Plants faintly to strongly aromatic (not tarragon-scented); leaves lobed, faces hairy > 6
6 Shrubs, 60–180 cm (rounded, stems wandlike); involucres 1.5–2 mm diam Artemisia filifolia
6 Biennials or perennials, (10–)30–80(–150) cm; involucres 2–4.5(–7) mm diam > 7
7 Stems usually 1–5; heads in (mostly leafless) paniculiform arrays Artemisia campestris
7 Stems usually 10+; heads (clustered in glomerules) in (densely leafy) paniculiform to spiciform arrays Artemisia pycnocephala