Fl. Tellur. 2: 51. 1837.

Etymology: Greek eleutheros, free, and plectron, spur, referring to free spur of sepal
Synonyms: Centrogenium Schlechter Stenorrhynchos sect. Eltroplectris (Rafinesque) Burns-Balogh
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 26. Treatment on page 524. Mentioned on page 496.

Herbs, terrestrial, sympodial. Roots fasciculate, fleshy, densely villous. Stems erect, rhizomatous. Leaves 1–2, basal; blade not articulate, long-petiolate. Inflorescences terminal, few- to many-flowered racemes, erect; peduncle slender, bracteate. Flowers resupinate; sepals spreading, distinct; lateral sepals longer than dorsal, attached along column foot forming spur; petals appressed to dorsal sepal, basally decurrent on column; lip arcuately recurved, clawed, shorter than sepals, membranous; column erect, short, slender; column foot partially adnate to ovary, elongate; anther persistent; pollinia 2, clavate, mealy; stigmas distinct; rostellum subulate to linear, pointed, rigid; viscidium oblong. Fruits capsules, ellipsoid-cyclindric.


Subtropical and tropical regions, North America, Mexico, West Indies.


Species 12 (1 in the flora).

Eltroplectris has been treated as Stenorrhynchos Richard ex Sprengel sect. Eltroplectris (P. Burns-Balogh 1982); others have treated Eltroplectris as distinct (e.g., L. A. Garay 1980[1982]; D. L. Szlachetko 1995).

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James D. Ackerman +
Rafinesque +
Subtropical and tropical regions +, North America +, Mexico +  and West Indies. +
Greek eleutheros, free, and plectron, spur, referring to free spur of sepal +
Fl. Tellur. +
balogh1982b +  and szlachetko1995b +
Centrogenium +  and Stenorrhynchos sect. Eltroplectris +
Eltroplectris +
Orchidaceae (tribe Cranichideae) subtribe Spiranthinae +