Equisetum subg. Hippochaete

(J. Milde) Baker

Handb. Fern-Allies 3. 1887. 1887

Common names: Scouring rush
Basionyms: Undefined subg. Hippochaete J.Milde Bot. Zeitung (Berlin) 23: 297. 1865
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 2.

Aerial stems persisting more than a year (except Equisetum laevigatum), with sunken stomates in single lines on each side of stem valleys; branches generally lacking or few (except E. ramosissimum). Cones sharply pointed at apex (except E. laevigatum).


Nearly worldwide.


The only species of this subgenus in the flora that is regularly branched, bearing several branches per midstem node, is Equisetum ramosissimum. The others, though normally unbranched, with age or injury may develop one or a few branches, usually from the proximal or most distal nodes.

Species 7 (5 in the flora).