Hulsea vestita

A. Gray

Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 6: 547. 1865.

Common names: Pumice alpinegold
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 21. Treatment on page 398. Mentioned on page 396.

Perennials, 5–100 cm. Stems 3–10, lanate to woolly. Leaves mostly basal; blades gray to grayish green, spatulate, 1–9 cm, margins entire or undulate, dentate, or lobed, faces densely lanate to woolly; distal cauline leaves mostly lanceolate to linear, gradually reduced or none. Heads 1–3. Involucres obconic to hemispheric, 8–18 mm diam. Phyllaries 7–12 mm, outer oblong-lanceolate to narrowly oblanceolate, apices acuminate to acute. Ray florets 9–32; corolla tubes glabrous, laminae yellow to reddish orange, 6–18 mm. Disc corollas yellow to orange. Cypselae 5–10 mm; pappus scales equal to subequal, 1–2 mm.


Subspecies 6 (6 in the flora).

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1 Proximal leaves: margins dentate to lobed; ray and disc corollas orange to reddish orange > 2
1 Proximal leaves: margins entire, undulate, or lobed (dentate to lobed in subsp. inyoensis); ray and disc corollas yellow, sometimes red-tinged > 3
2 Leaf faces lanate; outer phyllaries narrowly lanceolate; cypselae 5–7 mm Hulsea vestita subsp. parryi
2 Leaf faces: abaxial lanate, adaxial glandular-puberulent; outer phyllaries narrowly oblanceolate to obovate; cypselae 7–9 mm Hulsea vestita subsp. pygmaea
3 Plants 10–30 cm; cauline leaves (0 or 1–2 proximal to mid stems) narrowly lanceolate Hulsea vestita subsp. vestita
3 Plants 20–100 cm; cauline leaves (usually 3+ proximal to mid stems) lanceolate to ovate > 4
4 Proximal leaves: margins dentate to lobed; ray florets 18–32, laminae usually yellow, rarely red-tinged, 12–18 mm Hulsea vestita subsp. inyoensis
4 Proximal leaves: margins entire, undulate, or lobed; ray florets 16–25, laminae usually yellow, sometimes red-tinged distally, 6–10 mm > 5
5 Cauline leaves (on proximal 1/4 of stems) lance-oblong to ovate (1.5–3 cm), margins entire or undulate Hulsea vestita subsp. callicarpha
5 Cauline leaves (on proximal 1/2 of stems) lanceolate to ovate (2.5–3.5 cm), margins undulate to lobed Hulsea vestita subsp. gabrielensis