Tzvelev in A. I. Tomatchew

in A. I. Tomatchew, Fl. Arct. URSS 10: 117. 1987. 1987

Etymology: For Eric Hultén, 1894–1981, Swedish botanist, specialist of the circumpolar flora
Basionyms: Dendranthema sect. Haplophylla Tzvelev in V. L. Komarov et al., Fl. URSS 26: 388, 880. 1961
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 19. Treatment on page 534. Mentioned on page 31, 48, 489, 536.

Perennials, (0.6–)1–12 cm (sterile basal rosettes 1–10+; rhizomes at or below ground, ± woody, giving rise to branched, woody caudices). Stems (flowering) 1–10+ (1 per rosette), erect, not branched (scapiform), ± villous to woolly, particularly near heads (hairs basifixed). Leaves (basal marcescent, erect) all or mostly basal; alternate; sessile; blades (appearing 1-nerved or nerves inconspicuous) linear, not lobed, margins entire (villous-ciliate), faces glabrous. Heads radiate, borne singly. Involucres hemispheric or broader, (4–)4.5–6(–6.5) mm diam. Phyllaries persistent (green), 20–26(+) in 2(–3+) series, distinct, oblong to lance-oblong (not carinate, 1-nerved), margins and apices (dark brown, fimbriate) scarious (apices obtuse to acute, abaxial faces glabrous or villous). Receptacles convex (± villous), epaleate. Ray florets 11–19, pistillate, fertile; corollas white, laminae obovate. Disc florets 60–80, bisexual, fertile; corollas yellow, tubes ± cylindric, throats campanulate, lobes 5, deltate (without resin sacs). Cypselae ± obconic, ribs 5, faces glabrous (pericarps without myxogenic cells or resin sacs); pappi crowns of 6–12 irregular teeth. x = 9.


n Canada, Alaska, n Eurasia.


Species 1.

K. Bremer and C. J. Humphries (1993) included Hulteniella in Arctanthemum. Hulteniella has not been included in molecular phylogenetic studies.

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Luc Brouillet +
Tzvelev in A. I. Tomatchew +
Dendranthema sect. Haplophylla +
n Canada +, Alaska +  and n Eurasia. +
For Eric Hultén, 1894–1981, Swedish botanist, specialist of the circumpolar flora +
in A. I. Tomatchew, Fl. Arct. URSS +
Compositae +
Hulteniella +
Asteraceae tribe Anthemideae +