Juncus subg. Juncus

Basionym: Juncus sect. Juncastrum Kuntze in Post & Kuntze Juncus subg. Juncastrum Buchenau in Komarov
Synonyms: Juncus sect. Acuti Rouy Juncus sect. Maritimi (Engelmann) Rouy Juncus sect. Thalassii (Buchenau) Vierhapper Juncus subg. Thalassii
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 22.

Herbs, perennial, rhizomatous. Stems terete. Leaves basal; blade terete, not septate. Inflorescences terminal (sometimes appearing lateral) panicles of few to many heads, sympodial; bracteoles absent proximal to perianth. Flowers in few-flowered heads. Capsules 3-locular or pseudo-3-locular. Seeds usually tailed (not tailed in J. roemerianus).


Worldwide, coastal in North America.


Species 9 (4 in the flora).


1 Capsules 3.5–5 mm; plants of sw United States. > 2
1 Capsules less than 3.5 mm, shorter than or nearly equal to perianth; plants of ne United States Atlantic Coast. > 3
2 Capsules nearly globose, obviously longer than perianth Juncus acutus subsp. leopoldii
2 Capsules ellipsoid, nearly equal to or shorter than perianth Juncus cooperi
3 Capsules nearly equal to perianth; seeds tailed Juncus maritimus
3 Capsules distinctly shorter than perianth; seed not tailed Juncus roemerianus
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Juncus sect. Juncastrum +  and Juncus subg. Juncastrum +
Worldwide +  and coastal in North America. +
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Juncus sect. Acuti +, Juncus sect. Maritimi +, Juncus sect. Thalassii +  and Juncus subg. Thalassii +
Juncus subg. Juncus +
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