Symphyotrichum subg. Chapmaniani

(Semple) Semple in J. C. Semple et al.
in J. C. Semple et al., Cult. Native Asters Ontario, 133. 2002.
Basionym: Aster subsect. Chapmaniani Semple Phytologia 58: 429. 1985
Synonyms: Eurybia sect. Chapmaniani (Semple) G. L. Nesom
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 20. Treatment on page 478.

Perennials, eglandular; usually short-rhizomatous, sometimes with caudices. Stems not brittle at maturity, glabrous. Leaves: basal persistent to flowering, petiolate (petioles sometimes marcescent), blades 1-nerved, linear to linear-lanceolate sparsely denticulate or entire; cauline sessile, blades linear, bases clasping or subclasping. Heads radiate. Phyllaries unequal (bases indurate), green zones narrowly lanceolate (faces sparsely villous). Rays florets 8–23 in 1 series; laminae (10–)14–15(–20) × 0.8–2.2 mm. Disc corollas ± ampliate, throats funnelform to narrowly campanulate, lobes erect. Cypselae obovoid, compressed, 8–10(–14)-nerved, glabrous. x = 7.


se United States.


Species 1.

Luc Brouillet +, John C. Semple +, Geraldine A. Allen +, Kenton L. Chambers +  and Scott D. Sundberg† +
(Semple) Semple in J. C. Semple et al. +
Aster subsect. Chapmaniani +
se United States. +
in J. C. Semple et al., Cult. Native Asters Ontario, +
semple1982a +
Eurybia sect. Chapmaniani +
Symphyotrichum subg. Chapmaniani +
Symphyotrichum +
subgenus +