Abronia pogonantha


Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 11: 87, plate 2, fig. 4. 1889

Treatment appears in FNA Volume 4. Treatment on page 66. Mentioned on page 61, 64.
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Illustrator: Bee F. Gunn
Plants annual. Stems decumbent to ascending, little to moderately branched, elongate, glandular-pubescent. Leaves: petiole 0.8–4 cm; blade ovate to oblong-ovate, 2–5 × 1.5–3.5 cm, margins entire to ± sinuate and undulate, surfaces glandular-pubescent. Inflorescences: peduncle longer than subtending petiole; bracts lanceolate to broadly ovate, 4–9 × 1.8–6 mm, papery, puberulent to glandular-pubescent, often villous basally; flowers 12–24. Perianth: tube rose red, at least basally, 10–20 mm, limb white to pink, 6–8 mm diam. Fruits winged, broadly cordate or ± round in profile, 4–6 × 4–6 mm, coriaceous, apex deeply notched with small beak; wings 2(–3), infrequently partially folded together, without dilations, interior spongy.

Phenology: Flowering spring–summer.
Habitat: Sandy soils, Joshua tree desert scrub
Elevation: 100-1600 m




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