Amelanchier alnifolia var. semiintegrifolia

(Hooker) C. L. Hitchcock in C. L. Hitchcock et al.

in C. L. Hitchcock et al., Vasc. Pl. Pacif. N.W. 3: 94. 1961

Common names: Many-flowered shadbush
Basionyms: Amelanchier ovalis var. semiintegrifolia Hooker Fl. Bor.-Amer. 1: 202. 1832
Synonyms: A. florida var. humptulipensis G. N. Jones
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 9. Treatment on page 652. Mentioned on page 651, 654.
Shrubs or trees, 1–12 m. Stems 1–20, solitary or in colonies. Leaves: petiole (3–)6.8–12.6(–20) mm; blade elliptic to oval to orbiculate, (16–)24–34(–49) × (7–)17–26(–37) mm, base rounded or subcordate, apex subtruncate to rounded or acute, abaxial surface sparsely to moderately hairy, adaxial glabrous or sparsely (moderately) hairy. Inflorescences (4–)6–9(–12)-flowered, (8–)14–26(–35) mm. Pedicels: proximalmost (2–)3–8(–13) mm. Flowers: sepals (1.4–)2.2–3.2(–4) mm; petals oblanceolate to oval, (7.6–)9.9–13.9(–18.2) × (2.6–)3.3–4.7(–6.6) mm; ovary apex moderately to densely hairy (or glabrous). Pomes 10–13 mm diam. 2n = 4x.

Phenology: Flowering Mar–Jun; fruiting Jun–Aug.
Habitat: Woods, hillsides, roadsides, mountainsides
Elevation: 0–2100 m


V9 1119-distribution-map.jpg

B.C., Alaska, Calif., Oreg., Wash.


Variety semiintegrifolia is most similar to and intergrades with </i>var.<i> alnifolia; inflorescences and lowest pedicel lengths distinguish the two.



Lower Taxa

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AuthorChristopher S. Campbell +, Michael B. Burgess +, Kevin R. Cushman +, Eric T. Doucette +, Alison C. Dibble + and Christopher T. Frye +
Authority(Hooker) C. L. Hitchcock in C. L. Hitchcock et al. +
BasionymsAmelanchier ovalis var. semiintegrifolia +
Common nameMany-flowered shadbush +
DistributionB.C. +, Alaska +, Calif. +, Oreg. + and Wash. +
Elevation0–2100 m +
HabitatWoods, hillsides, roadsides, mountainsides +
IllustratorMarjorie C. Leggitt +
PhenologyFlowering Mar–Jun + and fruiting Jun–Aug. +
Publication titlein C. L. Hitchcock et al., Vasc. Pl. Pacif. N.W. +
Publication year1961 +
ReferenceNone +
Source xml grained fna xml/V9/V9 1119.xml +
Special statusEndemic +
SynonymsA. florida var. humptulipensis +
Taxon familyRosaceae +
Taxon nameAmelanchier alnifolia var. semiintegrifolia +
Taxon parentAmelanchier alnifolia +
Taxon rankvariety +
VolumeVolume 9 +