Argemone munita subsp. robusta

G. B. Ownbey

Mem. Torrey Bot. Club 21: 77. 1958.

EndemicConservation concern
Synonyms: Argemone munita var. robusta (G. B. Ownbey) Shinners
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 3.

Stems 5-16 dm, with 0-10 prickles per cm⊃2; on main stem below capsule. Leaf blades: abaxial surface sparingly prickly on main veins. Capsules scattered-prickly, surface not obscured, prickles nearly equal, longest 6-8 mm. 2n = 28.

Phenology: Flowering spring–summer; fruiting summer–fall.
Habitat: Dry, rocky soil, full sun
Elevation: 1500-1700 m


Of conservation concern.

Argemone munita subsp. robusta is endemic to the Santa Ana Mountains.

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