Artemisia arbuscula subsp. thermopola


Rhodora 61: 83. 1959.

Common names: Hot Springs sagebrush
Synonyms: Seriphidium arbusculum var. thermopolum (Beetle) Y. R. Ling
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 19. Treatment on page 512. Mentioned on page 511, 518.

Leaves narrowly cuneate (5–10 × 3–6 mm, lobed, lobes 1/2+ blade lengths, laterals to 1 mm wide, often acute). Involucres (1.5–)2–2.5 × 1.5–2 mm.

Phenology: Flowering mid–late summer.
Habitat: Rocky soils of igneous origin
Elevation: 2200–2500 m


Because of its deeply lobed leaves, subsp. thermopola can be confused with Artemisia tripartita. The habit, leaf morphology, and geographic distribution of subsp. thermopola suggest introgression between typical A. arbuscula and A. tripartita.

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