Atriplex acanthocarpa var. coahuilensis

(Henrickson) S. L. Welsh & Crompton

Great Basin Naturalist 55: 323. 1995.

Common names: Coahuila orach
Basionym: Atriplex acanthocarpa subsp. coahuilensis Henrickson S outhW. Naturalist 33: 458, fig. 3a–e. 1988
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 4. Treatment on page 370.

Leaves: petiole mainly 3–8 mm; blade hastate-lanceolate to oblong-lanceolate, oblong-ovate, or ovate to obovate, mainly 15–30 × 5–15 mm, margin entire or irregularly repand-dentate, sinuate-dentate, undulate-crisped, with sinuses rounded, or less commonly entire. Fruiting bracteoles mainly horizontally spreading when mature, mainly 8–12 mm thick, on stipes mainly 1–4 mm when mature, body globose, 4–7 mm thick, covered with radiating, conic, tuberculate processes mainly 2.5–5 mm.

Habitat: Saline, often fine-textured soils
Elevation: 10-100 m


V4 729-distribution-map.gif

Tex., n Mexico (Coahuila, Tamaulipas).


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Stanley L. Welsh +
(Henrickson) S. L. Welsh & Crompton +
Atriplex acanthocarpa subsp. coahuilensis +
Coahuila orach +
Tex. +, n Mexico (Coahuila +  and Tamaulipas). +
10-100 m +
Saline, often fine-textured soils +
Great Basin Naturalist +
Canescentes +, Confertifoliae +, Nuttallianae +, Obione sect. Deserticola +  and Obione subg. Pterochiton +
Atriplex acanthocarpa var. coahuilensis +
Atriplex acanthocarpa +
variety +