Atriplex pleiantha

W. A. Weber

Madroño 10: 189, figs. 1, 2. 1950.

Common names: Four-corners orach
Synonyms: Proatriplex pleiantha (W. A. Weber) Stutz & G. L. Chu
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 4. Treatment on page 345. Mentioned on page 326, 340, 344, 369.

Herbs, branching from base, mainly 0.5–1.5 dm, glabrous or sparingly scurfy. Leaves alternate to subopposite, petiolate; blade ovate to suborbiculate, 5–18(–20) mm, about as wide, margin entire, apex obtuse to acute. Staminate flowers in short terminal spikes. Fruiting bracteoles short stipitate, compressed, 3–7 mm wide and about as long, entire; perianth consisting of 5 hyaline, sparsely ciliate scales 1–1.2 mm. Seeds falling at maturity, black, 1.5 mm, shining, smooth.

Phenology: Flowering late summer–fall.
Habitat: Salt-desert shrub community
Elevation: 1400-1500 m


V4 659-distribution-map.gif

Ariz., Colo., N.Mex., Utah.


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