Conicosia pugioniformis

(Linnaeus) N. E. Brown in E. P. Phillips

in E. P. Phillips, Gen. S. Afr. Fl. Pl., 247. 1926

Common names: Pigroot
Basionyms: Mesembryanthemum pugioniforme Linnaeus Sp. Pl. 1: 488. 1753
Synonyms: Conicosia capitata (Haworth) Sc hwantes Mesembryanthemum capitatum Haworth
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 4. Treatment on page 88. Mentioned on page 85.
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Illustrator: Barbara Alongi
Plants perennial. Roots single, to 30 × 1–2.5 cm. Leaves: cauline leaves scattered, crowded toward end of stems; blade gray-green, grooved or flat adaxially, 15–20 × 0.5–2 cm, apex acute, glabrous. Inflorescences: peduncle to 12 cm. Flowers lasting 2–4 days, 5–9 cm diam.; petals 200–250, in concentric rows, shining yellow; stamens to 10 mm; ovary 10–20-loculed. Seeds 75–200, dark brown, 1–1.8 mm, ca. 25% located within paired pockets. 2n = 18.

Phenology: Flowering spring–fall.
Habitat: Sandy places, especially coastal dunes
Elevation: 0-100 m


In California floras, Herrea elongata (Haworth) L. Bolus and Mesembryanthemum elongatum Haworth have been misapplied to Conicosia pugioniformis.



Lower Taxa

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AuthorJohn E. Bleck +
Authority(Linnaeus) N. E. Brown in E. P. Phillips +
BasionymsMesembryanthemum pugioniforme +
Common namePigroot +
DistributionCalif. + and Africa. +
Elevation0-100 m +
HabitatSandy places, especially coastal dunes +
IllustratorBarbara Alongi +
Introducedtrue +
PhenologyFlowering spring–fall. +
Publication titlein E. P. Phillips, Gen. S. Afr. Fl. Pl., +
Publication year1926 +
ReferenceNone +
Source xml grained fna xml/V4/V4 181.xml +
SynonymsConicosia capitata + and Mesembryanthemum capitatum +
Taxon familyAizoaceae +
Taxon nameConicosia pugioniformis +
Taxon parentConicosia +
Taxon rankspecies +
VolumeVolume 4 +