Eleocharis sect. Eleogenus

(Nees) Bentham

in G. Bentham and J. D. Hooker, Gen. Pl. 3: 1047. 1883.

Treatment appears in FNA Volume 23.

Plants annual or perennial, never stoloniferous, sometimes with creeping rhizomes 0.5–1 mm thick, tubers absent. Culms terete, to 90 cm × 2 mm. Leaves: distal leaf sheaths usually persistent, thinly membranous to papery. Spikelets terete, to 13 × 4 mm. Flowers: styles 2-fid or with to ca. 1/2 3-fid. Achenes biconvex or rarely to ca. 1/2 trigonous; angles keeled (costate), at least distally. Tubercles distinct from achene apex in color, texture, and form.


Worldwide, primarily New World temperate regions.


Species 18 (9 in the flora).

Selected References


S. Galen Smith* +, Jeremy J. Bruhl* +, M. Socorro González-Elizondo* +  and Francis J. Menapace* +
(Nees) Bentham +
Worldwide +  and primarily New World temperate regions. +
in G. Bentham and J. D. Hooker, Gen. Pl. +
Eleocharis +
Eleocharis sect. Eleogenus +
Eleocharis +
section +