Entodon concinnus

(De Notaris) Paris

Index Bryol. ed. 2, 2: 130. 1904.

Basionym: Hypnum concinnum De Notaris Mem. Reale Accad. Sci. Torino 39: 220. 1836
Synonyms: Entodon orthocarpus (Bridel) Lindberg
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 28. Treatment on page 507. Mentioned on page 503.

Plants in loose or occasionally dense mats, yellow-green to brownish yellow. Stems to 10 cm, spreading to ascending, pinnate, branches terete-foliate. Leaves erect, oblong-ovate, 1.5–2 mm (branch leaves 1–1.3 mm); margins incurved distally, entire; apex rounded-obtuse; ecostate or costa double, short; alar region abruptly differentiated, 2- or 3-stratose, not reaching costa. Sexual condition dioicous. [Seta reddish, 1.3–2.5 cm. Capsule cylindric, 2–2.5 mm; annulus 2- or 3-seriate, persistent; operculum conic, obliquely short-rostrate; exostome teeth reddish, external surface cross striolate proximally, obliquely to vertically striolate mid tooth, finely papillose to smooth apically, not perforate; endostome segments smooth. Spores 11–14 µm].

Habitat: Soil, rock, calcareous areas
Elevation: low to high elevations


V28 791-distribution-map.gif

Alta., B.C., N.B., Nfld. and Labr. (Nfld.), N.W.T., Yukon, Alaska, Colo., N.Mex., Tenn., South America (Ecuador), Eurasia, Pacific Islands (Papua New Guinea).


Entodon concinnus is the most distinctive species in the genus. It is the only dioicous species, the branch and stem leaves are fairly well differentiated (in size), and the alar cells are multistratose (rather than 1-stratose). Sporophytes are unknown in North America; the description here is from European material.

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(De Notaris) Paris +
Hypnum concinnum +
Alta. +, B.C. +, N.B. +, Nfld. and Labr. (Nfld.) +, N.W.T. +, Yukon +, Alaska +, Colo. +, N.Mex. +, Tenn. +, South America (Ecuador) +, Eurasia +  and Pacific Islands (Papua New Guinea). +
low to high elevations +
Soil, rock, calcareous areas +
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Entodon concinnus +
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