Eupatorium mikanioides


Fl. South. U.S., 195. 1860.

Common names: Semaphore thoroughwort
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 21. Treatment on page 470. Mentioned on page 463.

Perennials, 50–100+ cm. Stems (from short rhizomes, green) single, branched distally, puberulent throughout. Leaves opposite (± vertical); petiolate (petioles 10–30 mm); blades ± 3-nerved distal to bases, deltate to rhombic, 25–80 × 20–60 mm, bases broadly cuneate, margins usually serrate (teeth uneven), sometimes crenate, apices acute, faces glabrate to sparsely puberulent, gland-dotted. Heads in corymbiform arrays. Phyllaries 8–12 in 2–3 series, elliptic to oblong, 1.5–5 × 0.8–1 mm, apices acute to acuminate, abaxial faces puberulent, gland-dotted. Florets 5; corollas 3.5–4 mm. Cypselae 1.2–1.5 mm; pappi of 20–35 bristles 3.5–4.5 mm. 2n = 20.

Phenology: Flowering Jul–Sep.
Habitat: Moist or wet, low, often saline places
Elevation: 0–10+ m


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