Eutrochium maculatum var. bruneri

(A. Gray) E. E. Lamont

Sida 21: 902. 2004.

Basionym: Eupatorium bruneri A. Gray in A. Gray et al., Syn. Fl. N. Amer. 1(2): 96. 1884
Synonyms: Eupatoriadelphus maculatus var. bruneri (A. Gray) R. M. King & H. Robinson Eupatorium atromontanum A. Nelson Eupatorium maculatum subsp. bruneri (A. Gray) G. W. Douglas Eupatorium maculatum var. bruneri (A. Gray) Breitung Eupatorium purpureum var. bruneri (A. Gray) B. L. Robinson Eupatorium rydbergii Linnaeus Eupatorium trifoliatum var. bruneri (A. Gray) Farwell
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 21. Treatment on page 476.

Plants 60–150 cm. Stems densely puberulent throughout (glabrescent at bases). Leaves: petioles pubescent to glabrescent; blades lance-elliptic to lanceolate or lance-ovate, usually 6–17 × 1.5–5(–7) cm, relatively firm, bases gradually or abruptly narrowed, abaxial faces densely hairy (hairs relatively short, spreading); distalmost whorls of leaves directly subtending heads, not surpassing heads. Phyllaries mostly glabrescent, outer sometimes densely pubescent.

Phenology: Flowering summer–fall.
Habitat: Stream and canal banks, wet meadows, bogs, and seeps, calcareous soils
Elevation: 200–2500 m



Alta., B.C., Man., Ont., Sask., Ariz., Colo., Idaho, Iowa, Kans., Mich., Minn., Mo., Nebr., N.Mex., N.Dak., S.Dak., Utah, Wash., Wis., Wyo.


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Eric E. Lamont +
(A. Gray) E. E. Lamont +
Eupatorium bruneri +
Alta. +, B.C. +, Man. +, Ont. +, Sask. +, Ariz. +, Colo. +, Idaho +, Iowa +, Kans. +, Mich. +, Minn. +, Mo. +, Nebr. +, N.Mex. +, N.Dak. +, S.Dak. +, Utah +, Wash. +, Wis. +  and Wyo. +
200–2500 m +
Stream and canal banks, wet meadows, bogs, and seeps, calcareous soils +
Flowering summer–fall. +
Eupatoriadelphus maculatus var. bruneri +, Eupatorium atromontanum +, Eupatorium maculatum subsp. bruneri +, Eupatorium maculatum var. bruneri +, Eupatorium purpureum var. bruneri +, Eupatorium rydbergii +  and Eupatorium trifoliatum var. bruneri +
Eutrochium maculatum var. bruneri +
Eutrochium maculatum +
variety +