Phemeranthus humilis

(Greene) Kiger

Novon 11: 320. 2001.

IllustratedConservation concern
Basionym: Talinum humile Greene Bot. Gaz. 6: 183. 1881
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 4. Treatment on page 492. Mentioned on page 488, 489, 490.

Plants subscapose, to 0.8 dm; roots tuberous, turbinate, sometimes forked, fleshy. Stems ± erect, usually simple. Leaves sessile; blade terete, to 8 cm. Inflorescences cymose, over-topped by leaves; peduncle scapelike, to 3 cm. Flowers: sepals deciduous, ovate, 3 mm; petals yellow, elliptic to obovate, 4 mm; stamens usually 5–8; stigma 1, subcapitate. Capsules ellipsoid to subglobose, sometimes trigonous, 4–6 mm. Seeds with arcuate ridges, 1 mm.

Phenology: Flowering Jun–Sep.
Habitat: Dry, shallow, rocky soil on or near outcrops
Elevation: 1600-1800 m


Of conservation concern.

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