Salix glauca var. stipulata


in C. A. M. Lindman, Sv. Fanerogamfl. ed. 2, 205. 1926.

Synonyms: Salix stipulifera Floderus ex Hayren
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 7. Treatment on page 90. Mentioned on page 91.

Plants 0.3–1 m. Stems: branches gray-brown to red-brown, densely villous; branchlet color obscured by hairs, densely villous. Leaves: stipules sometimes marcescent, foliaceous (sometimes obscured by hairs) on early ones, foliaceous and prominent on late ones, linear to narrowly elliptic, 2–17 mm, apex acute to caudate; petiole 1–9 mm, villous adaxially; largest medial blade (hemiamphistomatous), sometimes narrowly oblong, 27–74 × 8–24 mm, 2.1–3.9 times as long as wide, base rounded, apex acuminate, convex, or acute, abaxial surface densely villous or villous-silky, hairs straight or wavy, adaxial moderately densely villous, or long-silky to glabrescent; proximal blade margins entire; juvenile blade densely villous or long-silky. Catkins: staminate 14–26 × 8–14 mm, flowering branchlet 1–14 mm; pistillate stout or subglobose, 15–54 × 7–15 mm, flowering branchlet 2–19 mm; floral bract tawny, light brown or bicolor, 1.2–2.2 mm, apex convex, hairs straight, wavy, or crinkled. Staminate flowers: abaxial nectary 0.3–1 mm; filaments distinct or partly connate, glabrous, or hairy on proximal 1/2. Pistillate flowers: adaxial nectary sometimes flask-shaped, (0.4–)0.6–1.8 mm; stipe 0.4–1.8 mm; ovary obclavate or pyriform, very densely villous or tomentose, beak abruptly tapering to styles; ovules 10–20 per ovary; styles connate to distinct, 0.4–1 mm; stigmas slenderly cylindrical, 0.3–0.8 mm. Capsules 4.5–7.5 mm. 2n = 76, 114, 152.

Phenology: Flowering mid Jun-mid Jul.
Habitat: Black spruce treed bogs, white spruce woods, floodplains, subarctic thickets, alpine tundra
Elevation: 0-1000 m


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N.W.T., Nunavut, Yukon, Alaska, Eurasia (China, n Mongolia, Russia, Scandinavia).



Variety stipulata forms natural hybrids with Salix arctica, S. arctophila, and probably others.

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Lower Taxa

George W. Argus +
Floderus +
Salix tribe Glaucae +
N.W.T. +, Nunavut +, Yukon +, Alaska +, Eurasia (China +, n Mongolia +, Russia +  and Scandinavia). +
0-1000 m +
Black spruce treed bogs, white spruce woods, floodplains, subarctic thickets, alpine tundra +
Flowering mid Jun-mid Jul. +
in C. A. M. Lindman, Sv. Fanerogamfl. ed. +
Illustrated +
Salix stipulifera +
Salix glauca var. stipulata +
Salix glauca +
variety +