Sparaxis tricolor

(Schneevoogt) Ker Gawler
Ann. Bot. (König & Sims) 1: 225. 1804.
Common names: Harlequin flower
Basionym: Ixia tricolor Schneevoogt Icon. Pl. Rar., plate 39. 1794
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 26. Treatment on page 405. Mentioned on page 403.

Plants 10–40 cm. Corms tunicate; tunic with fine, whitish fibers. Leaves several, ± reaching base of spike. Spikes: spathes pale brown with darker brown streaks, subequal, dry, crinkled, outer with entire or lightly lacerate margins, inner forked apically. Tepals bright orange, yellow in center, with heart-shaped yellow mark in proximal 1/3, outlined distally with dark reddish brown band, lanceolate, subequal, 25–33 mm; perianth tube funnel-shaped, ca. 8 mm; stamens symmetrical; filaments contiguous, 6–7 mm; anthers yellow, linear, 8–9 mm; style slender, branching opposite anthers; branches 1–2 mm, expanded apically.

Phenology: Flowering Mar–Apr.
Habitat: Near gardens, dump sites, abandoned dwellings
Elevation: 0–100 m


Introduced; Calif., s Africa (winter-rainfall region).


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Peter Goldblatt +
(Schneevoogt) Ker Gawler +
Ixia tricolor +
Harlequin flower +
Calif. +  and s Africa (winter-rainfall region). +
0–100 m +
Near gardens, dump sites, abandoned dwellings +
Flowering Mar–Apr. +
Ann. Bot. (König & Sims) +
Introduced +  and Illustrated +
Streptanthera +  and Synnotia +
Sparaxis tricolor +
Sparaxis +
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