Xylorhiza venusta

(M. E. Jones) A. Heller

Muhlenbergia 1: 8. 1900

Common names: Charming woody-aster
Basionyms: Aster venustus M. E. Jones Zoë 2: 247. 1891
Synonyms: Machaeranthera venusta (M. E. Jones) Cronquist & D. D. Keck
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 20. Treatment on page 408. Mentioned on page 406.

Perennials or subshrubs, 10–40 cm. Stems branched mostly in proximal 3/4 (leafy in proximal 1/2–2/3), densely villoso-puberulent to glabrate, eglandular. Leaf blades oblanceolate to oblong-spatulate, 2–15 mm wide, bases attenuate, not clasping, margins flat, entire, faces densely villoso-puberulent to glabrate. Peduncles 5–20 cm. Involucres 12–20 × 20–35(–40) mm. Ray florets 14–34; corollas white to pale lavender. Style-branch appendages shorter than stigmatic lines. 2n = 12, 24.

Phenology: Flowering Apr–Jun.
Habitat: Barren, open sites, often selenious, alkaline, dominated by saltbush and shadscale
Elevation: 1300–2100 m


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