Juncus subg. Poiophylli


Abhandlungen herausgegeben vom naturwissenschaftlichen Vereine zu Bremen 4: 406. 1875.

Synonyms: Juncus sect. Poiophylli (Buchenau) Vierhapper Juncus subg. Pseudo-tenageia Kreczetowicz & Gontscharow Juncus sect. Tenageia Dumortier Juncus subg. Tenageia (Dumortier) Kuntze
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 22.

Herbs, perennial, rarely annual, perennials rhizomatous. Stems terete. Leaves basal and cauline; blade usually flat, involute, rarely nearly terete, channeled, not septate. Inflorescences terminal cymes, usually sympodial (monopodial in J. trifidus); bracts erect or ascending, flat, involute, or terete; bracteoles 2, at base of perianth. Flowers borne singly, not in heads. Capsules 1-locular (placentae 1/2–3/4 distance to central axis) or 3-locular, rarely beaked. Seeds not tailed (except J. vaseyi).


Species 25 (18 in the flora).


1 Plants annual Juncus bufonius
1 Plants perennial. > 2
2 Leaves minutely serrulate; auricles deeply lacerate Juncus trifidus
2 Leaves entire; auricles not lacerate. > 3
3 Auricles at summit of leaf sheath 3–6 mm, membranous, transparent; capsules never 3-locular. > 4
3 Auricles absent or merely short, scarious or cartilaginous projections less than 2 mm. > 5
4 Capsules less than 3/4 length of tepals, borne widely spaced along usually diffuse branches of inflorescence; plants mostly 7–9 dm Juncus anthelatus
4 Capsules 3/4 or more length of tepals, borne congested or branch internodes ca. as long as tepals; plants mostly less than 7 dm Juncus tenuis
5 Leaf blade channeled to terete. > 6
5 Leaf blade flat. > 10
6 Inflorescence falsely lateral, overtopped by terete bract that looks to be continuation of culm Juncus coriaceus
6 Inflorescence terminal, involucre bract flat or much shorter than inflorescence. > 7
7 Perianth segments obtuse Juncus squarrosus
7 Perianth segments acute to acuminate. > 8
8 Seeds distinctly tailed, tail at least 1/2 length of seed body; capsules golden tan Juncus vaseyi
8 Seeds not tailed; capsules chestnut brown or paler. > 9
9 Capsules 1-locular or pseudo-3-locular, widely elliptic to rounded, apex rounded; seeds 0.3–0.4 mm Juncus dichotomus
9 Capsules 3-locular, elliptic, apex somewhat truncate; seeds 0.48–0.7 mm Juncus greenei
10 Capsules chestnust brown or darker; tepals apically obtuse or rounded. > 11
10 Capsules tan or light brown; tepals acute to acuminate. > 12
11 Anther 1–2 times length of filament, less than 1 mm; capsule usually exceeding perianth Juncus compressus
11 Anther 2–4 times length of filament, longer than 1 mm; capsule usually nearly equal to perianth Juncus gerardii
12 Capsules 3-locular. > 13
12 Capsules 3-locular or pseudo-3-locular. > 16
13 Tepals 2.5–3.5 mm; capsule nearly globose. > 14
13 Tepals 4–5.5 mm; capsule ellipsoid to narrowly so. > 15
14 Tepals green; flowers chiefly arranged along inner side of branches; plants of e North America Juncus secundus
14 Tepals usually with brownish midstripe; flowers not secund; plants of w North America Juncus confusus
15 Anthers 0.6–0.9 mm; auricles scarious, lobes 0.5 mm; plants of c United States Juncus brachyphyllus
15 Anthers 1.2–1.5 mm; auricles scarious to membranous, 0.2–0.3 mm; plants endemic to s Appalachian Piedmont Juncus georgianus
16 Auricles 0.5–1(–1.5) mm, membranous Juncus occidentalis
16 Auricles 0.1–0.3(–1) mm, scarious to leathery. > 17
17 Auricles leathery, yellowish; tepals spreading in fruit, nearly equal to or exceeding capsule; anthers 0.6–1 mm Juncus dudleyi
17 Auricles scarious, whitish or sometimes purplish tinged, not leathery; anthers 0.4–0.6 mm. > 18
18 Mature capsules light brown or darker; plants of coastal plain of e, se North America Juncus dichotomus
18 Mature capsules light tan; plants of interior continent Juncus interior
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