Silene douglasii var. rupinae

Kephart & Sturgeon

Madroño 40: 96, fig. 2. 1993.

Treatment appears in FNA Volume 5. Treatment on page 183. Mentioned on page 182.

Leaf blades very narrow, linear, 1.5–5 mm wide, typically over 15 times longer than wide, not fleshy. Inflorescences often glandular-pubescent. Flowers: calyx green, not strongly inflated, (3–)5–8(–10) mm diam. at anthesis, often glandular-pubescent; petal limb 1–5 mm wide, with lateral teeth on each side.

Phenology: Flowering summer.
Habitat: Rocky crevices, cliff ledges
Elevation: 0-100 m


Variety rupinae is found along the Columbia River gorge.

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